Afterschool Program – Richmond, KY

Introducing a new After-School Program for the students of Madison County.  Your children will be welcomed in to a 10,000 square ft space designed to inspire their imagination and challenge their movement skills.  

They will be given the opportunity to stretch, swing and play on our obstacle course while they unwind from the school day.  After some free time for movement and play they will be encouraged to get a jump start on homework, while they break for a snack and hydrate themselves.  

Next up, our professional parkour instructor will lead them through some skill based learning and movement exercises, encouraging them to both build strength and release the movement energy they have so much of, in a focused way.

Finally, they will be met with the same patient guidance through any school learning challenges they have been facing.  We will encourage them to pair up and develop problem solving strategies in small teams,  because we know that mastery is developed through the sharing of knowledge.  

Our mission is to offer all of this to the children of our community in an affordable and accessible way, so your child comes home feeling joyful and successful.  Make us part of your child’s day and see how our model creates health for our youth.  

After-School Program Itinerary

  • 3-3:30pm - Drop off - Free play
  • 4pm - Snack and Homework Jump-Start
    • Children are encouraged to pick the least challenging part of homework to do in this 30 min window
  • 4:30pm - Free Play
    • Children are wrapping up homework jump start, and getting back to movement.  At this time children will be encouraged to mention any anticipated challenges with homework to our staff
  • 4:45pm -  New Movement Skill
    • Children will be offered a new challenge for balance,agility or strength and offered the progression to learn and accomplish the skill
  • 5:15pm -  Focused Homework Time
    • At this time, while childrens bodies have been challenged and fatigued they are most ready to apply themselves to the more challenging aspects of their homework
  • 6pm - Pick-up
    • If you are running late, please notify the ASP instructor with an expected time
    • Parents arriving after 6:15pm will be charged an extra $5.


  • 1-2 days a week - $30.00 per week autopay (ENROLL NOW)
  • 3-5 days per week - $50.00 per week autopay (ENROLL NOW)

Call with questions about sibling discounts and scholarship programs. (866) 923-5569. Ext 5

Fine Print

  • Our protocol will be to call parents/guardians and if they cannot be reached we will contact the any listed emergency contacts until 7pm.  At that point and as a final resort, if unable to contact a parent/guardian or emergency contact Child Protective Services would be contacted.
  • Our snack policy is that each participant bring their own snack and refillable/reusable bottle of water for each day they attend the after school program.  If a child arrives without a snack one will be provided for an additional fee of $3 that will be autobilled to the billing information stored on file with Urban Ninja Project.
  • Any additional fees incurred will be billed on a weekly billing cycle.