Attractions & Programs

Attractions & Programs

Relax and chill with fun-filled activities for all age

In a time when school districts are cutting physical education and arts programs while more and more kids are lured toward the latest technologies, TV shows, and video games, our communities are left to deal with a growing epidemic of preventable diseases caused by our sedentary lifestyles, poor nutrition and the ever-increasing sources of stress.

Through our classes, open gyms, and events, we aim to encourage people of all ages and sizes to move, play, and challenge themselves by providing a fun, safe, yet competitive environment.

Freestyle jump

Let go of gravity and grab some air on our wall-to-wall trampoline courts.


Jump the highest dunk hardest. There is a party going above the rim and everyone is invited.

Ultimate dodgeball

Bring your best foot forward as it is ultimate on the dodgeball court.

Foam zone

Touch the sky and land back safely on the foam.


A classic game of basketball arcade with a twist in air: swats, buckets and high-flying blocks.


Have a challenging war with your friends in a jousting match.


A balance ladder made over a soft landing.


It is all about the balance but in millimeters thin raised slackline.

Speed zone

Challenge yourself against time to see how fast you can rip that dodgeball.

Drop zone

Try and create new skills and land as smooth as butter.

Drop slide

Enjoy the thrill of astonishing heights in the drop slide.

Parkour blocks

Go one level up on your parkour skills by jumping over the hurdles in your way.

Warped wall

Reign the curved incline of the most famous warped wall.

Ninja warrior course

Test your speed, strength and agility at one place.

The Wall

All climbers and runners are welcome to have a new dimension of aerial experience.

Ultimate volleyball

Play like a pro above the net with a lift from our trampolines

Climb zone

Cross the ultimate vertical course while securely harnessed.

Toddler zone

A dedicated area for kids and parents to laugh, play, and have bonding time.

Free climb

Conquer bouldering wall without any harness.

Climb zone

Cross the ultimate vertical course while securely harnessed.