Demo Team

Demo Team


Take your child’s training to the next level. As part of our demo team, your child will learn more advanced skills, perform at public events, get the newest UNP gear, have unlimited gym access, and get ongoing video footage of their progress.


  • Wall Flips
  • Wall Spins
  • Advanced Vaults - Kongs, Double Kongs
  • Handstands/Handstand walking
  • Front/Back flips


  • Spinning Kicks
  • Side Flips
  • Aerials
  • Lachets
  • Fly-aways


  • Pass our Demo Team entry physical exam
  • Attend at least 4 classes per month
  • Perform in 1 demo event every 3 month
  • Learn and perform the sequences
  • Ages 7+

Cost & Benefits

  • $60/month - includes the following:
    • Unlimited classes and gym access
    • Our newest gear
    • Special Demo Classes 2x per week
    • Promo Video and regular video footage of progress


  • Click here to purchase the Demo Team monthly membership.