Class Descriptions

Read more about the classes we offer below. If you have more questions, email us or ask an instructor in person.

Urban Ninja Class

IMG_0118Our Urban Ninja class brings together elements of parkour, obstacle training, and martial arts to improve focus, strength, and how to overcome our fears.  Kids classes are appropriate for ages 5+.  Although the class is in a group environment, kids practice skills at their level and at the pace they feel comfortable with.

Capoeira Class

CapoeiraBasic capoeira class is all about learning basic kicks, dodges, and movements. Using simple easy moments to help individuals develop the skills to play capoeira. The class pace is mild and uses a lot of partner practice. Students not only learn basic sequences they also learn take downs.  The goal of the class is to have fun and to develop the skills need to play and grow in capoeira.