Parties & Events

Birthday Parties

Looking for a fun birthday party that doesn’t require much work on your part? We’ve got this. Urban Ninja offers a unique, interactive experience for kids and teens. We set up all the decorations to make your party look amazing! You don’t have to worry about anything – except having fun with friends and family of course.

Your birthday is a big deal, and you can let our event hosts help make it even greater! We have packages that will fit any budget. Add on specific upgrades to your party for extra fun. The parties are not just limited to birthdays, they can be used for all your other special occasions. The options available when it comes time to celebrate a graduation or sweet 16 parties make this idea an excellent one!

You may think that kids’ birthday parties are very special, but you would be surprised at how many parents find themselves exhausted after the party. The good news is there’s an alternative: A Urban Ninja Party! For those who want to have fun with their child and friends without having any of the stress involved in hosting one yourself, this is the place.

So, get your suit on, grab some friends and schedule a party at Urban Ninja. You’ll love our packages!

Group Events

Throw a one of a kind events for your coworkers, campers or any large party.
When you’re looking for a place to host your next event, look no further than Urban Ninja. We offer an array of spaces that can accommodate groups from all ages and sizes – whether it be the party room or the entire facility! Whatever type of gathering idea pops into mind we’ll help make come true with our catering services as well so not only will there never have been another more perfect celebration but also less stress involved.

We have a wide range of activities that will get you loosening up and feeling competitive while having an amazing time. This is perfect for any group looking to build teamwork, including corporate events or sports teams!

Urban Ninja is the place to go for your next party. Whether it’s an end-of-year celebration or you are looking forward to something different, we can help! Call us today and plan that amazing event with our experienced staff members. who will ensure everything goes off without a hitch.


Urban Ninja offers the most exciting and profitable fundraising event or campaign for your organization. With our top-notch services, you’ll be able to host an interactive campaign that will keep people engaged every minute!

At Urban Ninja, we pride ourselves on being involved in our communities and giving back. We live out the Core Values of “Doing good to others” by hosting regular events and campaigns which help raise money for charities that benefit people right around! When your event is held at one us, you don’t have to worry about planning any activities or entertainment – all supplies will be provided by urban ninja. Our passion can only take form through action so let’s work together towards making this world better.

Just think of how much fun it will be to watch you maximize your potential and get more donations than ever before. You are in for an amazing time with our help, so don’t hesitate—call now!