Our Team – Lexington

Our crew is PASSIONATE about the rewards of movement and joined us with the belief that all humans should have access outlets and resources to move and play. Each of them grew their set of skills through trying, playing, learning, experimenting. We are looking for more people of all ages that want to do the same and join our team in spreading the art of movement!

Darek Hendrych - Director


Founder, Parkour, Capoeira

Movement has been a part of my identity since I can remember. Growing up on martial arts flicks in eastern Europe, I idolized action stars that could flow like water and move like ninjas. I started training Kyokushin Karate when I was twelve. I did gymnastics in high school and in my early 20′s I moved to LA and fell in love with the movement style of Capoeira. Along the way, I’ve supplemented my movement training with Crossfit. I move because I like to – plain and simple. I get pleasure from jumping, flipping, running, doing handstands, swinging, crawling, and everything else my body allows me to do.

Korinthian Gaines  - Instructor

Martial Arts, Parkour

As a young kid, I loved watching the old-school Japanese version of Ninja Warrior. At Urban Ninja, I love seeing kids and adults overcome obstacles they find impossible at first. Seeing the achievement really inspires me. Never say you can’t do something just because you’ve tried and failed. Or just because you don't have the courage at the moment. Find someone who can teach you the skills you need to be successful, whether overcoming a physical obstacle at the gym or something bigger in everyday life.

Jim Weise - Instructor

Jim v2

Jim Weise - Capoeira Instructor

I am a local raised redneck. I always enjoyed dancing and martial arts. I found Capoeira in 2000 and fell in love with the art. I trained with several different teachers from 2000 to 2011; in 2011 I joined Mestre Rony Costas and Capoeira Volta Ao Mundo. I currently help assist and organize the Ky Volta Ao Mundo chapter. My focus is to help individuals learn the basics of capoeira and to help them grow in the art. I enjoy teaching new people because it is very challenging but i also enjoy watching individuals grow within the art. My classes provide a simple cardio, basic capoeira movements/sequences and a basic abs workout.

Sonya Blades - Instructor

Sonya Blades - Hula Hoop Instructor

Teenage night club dancing was my first love. Next I fell in love with bellydance. Performance with Rakadu Gypsy Dance is a special treasure. Then came yoga, poi spinning, fire dance, hula hooping, Zumba and Tai Chi. Skill movement makes exercise fun. I currently have a hula hoop class for all levels on Thursdays at 5:30. People are always surprised at what they are capable of.

Tim Roberts - Guest Instructor

Tim v2

Tim Roberts - Capoeira, Hapkido

Perna de Pau (Tim Roberts) has over 25 years of martial arts experience and currently leads the Beira Mar Capoeira and Heuk Choo Kwan Hapkido Kentucky Branches. Outside of Capoeira, he is an established martial artist with a multi-discipline background; holding the title of Master in Budo Zanshin MMA, a 3rd Dan Blackbelt in Hapkido, a 3rd Dan Blackbelt in Taekwondo, 1st Shodan Blackbelt in Jujitsu and 3rd Brownbelt in Shaolin-do. Perna has competed and coached in a variety of martial arts tournaments

Will Bunge – Head Instructor


Head Instructor, Kickboxing, Grappling, Parkour

My interest in the body and mind has been growing for over 15 years. Having played sports from an early age I have wanted to become a leader in the fitness and athletics community. Over the past few years I have become a certified personal trainer, a licensed massage therapist, a martial arts coach and fighter with a winning record. I can say that I am living my dream! I am available for personal and group fitness classes. I coach Sanshou Kick Boxing and teach cooking for holistic wellness. I seek clients that dream big and are ready too.  My philosophy towards wellness is a holistic vision encompassing foods as medicine, activity as psychotherapy, and martial arts as the original fitness plan.

Solomon Jackson - Instructor

Parkour, Capoeira

I grew up in the poor west end of Lexington. I was surrounded by gangs, drugs, and lots of violence. I was very active as a child and my mom bought me a bunch of Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee videos to encourage me to train and have positive role models. If you have an interest in something, figure out a way to get involved and get better at it. I swept floors in exchange for gym time, and that was my way of finding my community and express my passion. Find your passion and share it with the world.

Rhett Kenny - Instructor


Chiropractor, Event Coordinator, Parkour, Movnat

As a chiropractor I teach the importance of movement and lifestyle management. I believe that doctors really do a poor job of "taking their own medicine" and I dedicated my life a long time ago to being a doctor that others could count on doing the hard work that patients would be asked to do. In my mind, I imagine that patient taking solace in the idea that the last mile was something Dr. Rhett would struggle with just as much as them.

I am honored to be associated with Urban Ninja Project because of my supreme optimist attitude and belief that play comes naturally to children. All they need is the opportunity, like the one UNP provides, and their nervous systems do the rest! We are a community of like-minded believers in the human condition, that health and "perceptual awareness" can be achieved to improve the community by creating independence and a strong moral compass.

Thomas Usher - Instructor


Thomas Usher - Capoeira Instructor

Capoeira is everything that I love to do: Dance, music, theatre, philosophy, martial arts and more. While earning my degree in Theatre from Berea College, I was fortunate enough to join the Danish Gymnastics and learn from several different coaches and fellow students about tumbling and acrobatics. Here at UNP, I teach the kid’s capoeira class, basic tumbling and spotting, and drumming through Mestre Rony and the local chapter of Volta Ao Mundo. When I am not here, you can catch me performing around Lexington and around Kentucky at large.